Our Story

Rebecca’s has been making chocolates for 35 years and is a first-
generation family owned business.

On cold winter days in 1982 in the small central Utah town of Sterling, Rebecca Sutton and her friend Nell Gibb spent many hours visiting and dipping chocolates in Nell’s kitchen. This was a new experience for Rebecca. With a life-long love of sweets, this wasn’t work for Rebecca. It was pure joy!!!

Life in Sterling (about 180 folks) was different from the big cities where Rebecca grew up. One difference was the raw milk (and a pint of cream on top) neighbors would supply. No matter how much cream was used to feed the family, there was always more. What to do with the cream?

One day, Rebecca saw a recipe in a cookbook and made her first pecan roll. As she shared it with neighbors, the overall consensus was: “Fantastic!” When she shared the recipe, folks would come back and ask: “What didn’t you tell us? Ours doesn’t taste like yours.” or “That’s way too hard to make!” Suggestions ranged from entering it in the County Fair (which she did and promptly won the sweepstakes ribbon from a man who hadn’t lost in over 12 years) to selling it (and a few chocolates, caramels, creams and QB’s our signature chocolate and caramel sucker) at local boutiques.

The first boutique sold everything in about 90 minutes (in a 7-hour show). Planning for the next show meant dipping and taking much more. A crowd gathered at the opening of that show, and while trying to get set up and cut a tray of pecan roll samples, apologies were offered because the samples were not cut yet. In unison, the group shouted: “We didn’t come for samples! We came to BUY!!!”

That was the beginning. The part-time business continued to grow. The next year, our family decided that Mom, Dad, and the two oldest children would each enter different products in the county fair. Rebecca was in line for the Sweepstakes Ribbon again and our oldest son Michael (12), was being given the Junior Sweepstakes Ribbon for English Toffee. Just as the awards were being made, the presenter looked at the last name and asked “Is Rebecca your mom?” The reply was affirmative, at which time the judge gave Michael both the Junior and Adult Sweepstakes Ribbons. He has never let us live it down!

Fast forward to a move to the Salt Lake City suburb of Sandy, UT and a permanent location in 1991. Over the years, we have faced many moments of trepidation (as most small businesses face), many tender mercies given (as we made decisions that turned out later to be mistakes), many early mornings and very late nights (keeping us from being another small business that didn’t make it), and many angels that seemed to “happen” to need large orders when we didn’t know where we would get our next dollar.

Through it all (for another 27 years) we have stuck to what we know. That is making and hand-dipping chocolates, truffles, pecan and cashew rolls, toffees, brittles, marshmallow and divinity, using the best chocolate, and the best ingredients into delicious, mouth-watering treats.

If you decide to give us a try, we will do all we can to make your experience one that you will want to have again and again.